Best torrent sites 2011

Posted on janvier 1, 2011


Here are the top torrent sites for 2011!!

After discvering top torrent sites for 2010 i decided to write my top list for torrent sites.First of all i think verified torrents section is a must have for any torrent site,so all the websites listed here are meeting this requirement.Bittorrent is a p2p filesharing protocol for those who do not know what it is. 

A great new addition to p2p world!!

My very first choise is Downloadtorrents ,and not because has more torrents but because is great styled and programed.A lot of ajax fuctions make this site very easy to navigate,the simplicity of layout gives clear aspect of the pages and last but not least the db of torrents are huge….!!SO enjoy your surfing at downloadtorrents.


Old and traditional torrent indexer

BTscene torrents are one of the oldest bittorrent websites.There are consant improovements on their web application in order to help users contrubute with various ways to torrent community.There are no reasons to describe why i enlistrd this site.Is just one of the first torrent indexers.


New site only verified torrents

My 3rd choise is P2P4ever .This torrent indexer has only verified torrents sorted by general categories(movies,music,games,softwares,anime,tv shows) ,their database isn’t as big as others but they only index verified torrents.So for 2011 i thought that this will be another must visit torrent site.

The Pirate Bay 


Thepiratebay is the torrent site no one forgets to mention…… 

Dedicated to tv shows

I like tv shows,don’t you?If you like tv series here is a site that suits your needs.Mytorrentz has a lot of torrents for tv shows dedicated to this task its one of the best websites.So do you need the 2011 new episodes for your favorite show?Visit them. 

Games omly torrent site!!!

One of the most important sites for downloading games.Torrentgamez offers games games and games 🙂 .There is the place to check out new games for evey platform (pc,ps2,ps3,xbox,wii,ps3,nitendo etc) .The only problem i discovered is that i cannot decide what i want to play 🙂 

Real or verified?

Realtorrentz also has verified torrents throughout its index but the database is huge.A good choise for regular downloaders and fileshare freaks!No advertisments are one of the most important factor for the inlusion of that sites.

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